Monday, May 19, 2008

Palakkad Tamil in Tamil Movies

Lot of Tamil/Malayalam Directors have used Palakkad Tamil in their movies. The Palakkad Tamil is a mixture of Tamil and Malayalam. Palakkad Iyers use that extensively but others wont mix that much Malayalam while speaking. My Tamil will change all of a sudden, once I meet my native friends. Wow I love to talk with them in Thalayalam, especially with my Assisi and St.Martin friends:)

Lots of Tamil Directors have used Palakkad Tamil in their movies. The Palakkad Tamil is a mixture of tamil and malayalam. Palakkad Iyers use that extensively but other caste tamils wont use that much comparatively.

The one who made this language a mega hit is Padmashree. Kamal Hasan in the movie Michael Madana Kamarajan, a mega hit movie. Kamal Hassan's Kameshwaran character and Urvashi's Tiruppura Sundari character both acted as Palakkad Bhramin, rocked the screen.

Another notable movie is Nala Damayanthi acted by Madhavan. His character Ramji a cook from Palakkad is widely appreciated by the audience. He used to say he is from a small village called Thatamangalam but the truth is it a small town not village.

Actor like Jayaram who himself is a Palakkad Bhramin has acted as Palakkadan in lots of movies....


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Nice post... I Enjoy reading the post as i am from kerala....

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I thought Urvasi did a equally good job in that movie.

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